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Auto AC Repair By Synthesis Auto Repair

Synthesis Auto Repair will keep you cool with regular auto air conditioning repair. Auto AC repair is important, especially in CHICAGO area, because a hot car under the summer sun is a potentially dangerous car. Don’t let your pet, your kids, or your refrigerated groceries suffer in a vehicle that desperately needs auto air conditioning repair. When we repair your auto AC, everyone will travel more safely and comfortably with you when you run errands around town.

If you have a simple request for us to look under the hood of your vehicle and determine what kind of auto air conditioning repair you need, come and visit our location or call +1 312 493-7444  today.


Your auto air conditioner has one job: to keep you comfortable in the heat. Your A/C compressor is also responsible for assisting with removing moisture from the cabin of your car to keep the windows clear when you turn on the “defrost” function?

When your car was new, the A/C was able to keep you cold no matter how hot it got outside. The worst traffic jam on the hottest Chicago Summer day couldn’t bother you. Now that it’s been a couple years, this might not be the case. Over time, the A/C in your vehicle will lose its ability to generate the same level of cold air. This depreciation happens for a number of reasons ranging from rings, hoses and seals wearing down over time; to the compressor itself failing. Either way, often the refrigerant will leak due to these problems and this creates an inability to effectively cool the cabin. This leaking A/C fluid also can be a hazard to the environment.

Whether you’re concerned about windshield visibility, keeping the environment safe, or just being comfortable in your car during the heat of summer, be sure to get all of your auto air conditioning components checked before something breaks. So, stop on by today and have our expertly trained and ASE Certified mechanics service your car’s Air Conditioning.


If your air conditioning system creates an unusual amount of noise while running, produces an abnormal odor, or blows stale air instead of cool air, then you may need the assistance of our service staff. During an AC diagnostic, we will inspect the belts for cracks, the compressor for leaks, the electrical components for connectivity, and the entire system for low pressure. Our service staff may also evacuate and recharge your system with refrigerant according to your manufacturer’s specifications. During an air conditioning system diagnostic, we will use professional leak detection tools to locate the problem plaguing your system. Watch for early symptoms for an air conditioning system in need of repair, and contact us online or call us when you are in need of service.

We proudly service the Auto air condition repair needs of customers in

Glenview IL, Glencoe, IL, Northbrook, IL, Niles, IL, Skokie, IL, Wilmette, IL, Winnetka IL and other surrounding areas

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Our Synthesis Auto AC REPAIR services:

– We Ensure Your A/C Stays Cold and Can Keep Your Windows Fog Free
– Certified Auto Employs ASE Certified Technicians Only
– Your Engine Drives the A/C, So if It’s not Working Right, it’s Adding Undue Stress to Other Systems
– Avoid Expensive A/C System Repairs by Having a Regular A/C Check Up

Synthesis is an independently owned Automotive repair shop. With more than 25 years of experience in the auto repair industry, customers have come to realize that Synthesis Auto Repair is more than qualified to repair and maintain your vehicle.

 For your car’s particular service intervals, always consult your owners guide or ask one of our professionals at Synthesis Auto Repair.

 If you are wondering how we have attained this reputation, it is through excellent customer service, attention to detail, and high-quality work. You deserve nothing less, and therefore should expect a certain level of quality that we can deliver. If you are unsure about the costs of repairs, our mechanics offer free estimates!

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